Pathaan: Ranveer Singh shared details about SRK’s glamourous song, Deepika’s look & much more!

Ranveer also revealed some solid details about Pathaan's song which the actress is currently shooting.

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On Wednesday, Ranveer Singh held an Instagram Live session with his fans, revealing various insights about what’s going on and what’s trending. Ranveer Singh gave fans an update on his wife Deepika Padukone, revealing that she is currently filming a Pathaan song in Mallorca, Spain, which he has previously heard.

In the video, Ranveer begins by saying, “My wife’s out of town. She’s in Spain shooting for Pathaan..big ol’ actioner for Yash Raj with the king Shah Rukh Khan and sexy, sexy John Abraham. She’s telling me, ‘My God, baby, your gonna look at John’s body’. I was like, ‘Yeah baby, I know. He’s got one hot bod on him’.”

Ranveer then revealed some solid details about Pathaan’s song which the actress is currently shooting. “She is in Mallorca shooting a very glamorous song for Pathaan. I’ve heard the song. It’s amazing. It’s Sid Anand and Vishal-Shekhar. You get the vibe. I think Vaibhavi (Merchant) ma’am is shooting the song. So, she is now with Deepika in Spain.”

Despite their long careers in the industry, Deepika and Vaibhavi have yet to collaborate, on this the actor said, “They are collaborating for the first time. Isn’t it strange that their paths have not crossed?”

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Elaborating on Deepika’s look from Pathaan, Ranveer added, “It’s exciting because I have the privilege of being her husband so she gives me a sneak peek of how she’s looking (rolls his eyes) my god. You guys will have to wait for it man. She’s just scorching it. Super fit and super glamorous. Shaleena (Nathani) is styling her. I have seen a sneak peek and it looks like aag lag jayegi screen pe. So that’s the wifey update!”

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