Pathaan: Shah Rukh Khan’s Fitness Trainer Is ‘Proud’ Of SRK’s Transformation As Actor To Be Seen Lifting Heavy In The Film

Prashant often shares bare-chested pictures of King Khan on his Instagram Stories

Amidst the controversy of Besharam Rang in Pathaan, one thing that fans are definitely gushing over is Shah Rukh Khan’s super physique. In this YRF movie, the actor gave tough competition to his lady co-star Deepika Padukone in sensual quotient.

Reacting to his physique in ‘Besharam Rang’, One user wrote, “Ok the video and Deepika are definitely hot BUT DAAAAAAAYUMM SRK,” while another commented, “Deepika’s bringing out the summer in the winters but it’s SRK who is setting the screen on fire. He’s back”.

Now, SRK’s fitness trainer Prashant Sawant has also opened up about the actor’s body and he’s proud of his body transformation. In an interaction with Indian Express, Prashant revealed, “Since his look in Pathaan is very different, Shah Rukh started doing a lot of heavy lifting. Previously, we used to do a lot of circuit training and cardio workouts, but now we have incorporated more strength training — which helped him look better and bigger. It took us two years to build the toned physique you see on screen. His frame and look have completely changed.”

Talking about the actor’s diet, he said, “Everything in the diet was planned and measured — from carbs, to fat, and protein. Transformations are always about team work. Despite injuries serving as a setback, he came back stronger by pulling off deadlifts, pull-ups, and working on his core, and legs. His discipline is commendable.”

Prashant often shares bare-chested pictures of King Khan on his Instagram Stories in which the actor can be seen sporting eight pack abs.

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