Puri Jagannadh Blamed For Shelling Out Rs 25 Crore For Mike Tyson’s Cameo In Liger after Tiger Shroff Was Blamed Similarly For Steep Fee For Screw Dheela, Co Incidences Or Old Tricks Are Back?

powerful Producers use media to show actors and directors their right place post the failure of film at box office or problem during the production

Media has been used as weapon for ages by powerful Producers to show actors and directors their right place post the failure of film at box office or problem during the production. Media happily agrees to diktat of these influential people as this where the money ‘lies’.

Former boxing champ Mike Tyson walked away with an amount of Rs. 20-25 crores for brief cameo appearance in Vijay Deverakonda and Ananya Panday starrer ‘Liger’. Filmmaker Puri Jagannadh thought he had hit a jackpot when he got Mike Tyson for Liger. But Mr Tyson who in a recent podcast claimed he had no recollection of doing a Bollywood film called Liger. Everyone who saw the film seconds Mr Tyson’s sentiment. Everyone who saw the film would like to forget the cameo as well as the film itself.

Karan Johar who co-produced the Hindi version of Liger was totally opposed to the idea of inviting Tyson. Vijay Deverakonda too was not kicked by the idea. It was entirely Puri’s idea.
Now the whole media reporting has been done in a manner that it paints Puri as villain for shelling out Rs 25 crore for Tyson’s cameo in the film. Similarly, Karan Johar did this earlier with Tiger Shroff and blamed him for delay in his upcoming film ‘Screw Dheela’ as the actor asked for Rs 35 Crore and isn’t ready to negotiate.

Screw Dheela is put on hold because of the finances and fee of leading actor. Tiger Shroff had done the paperwork for Screw Dheela for a sum of Rs. 35 crores, and once the film landed itself in the market for sale, it couldn’t find any respectable buyers at the asking price. Similarly now Tyson – Liger saga another effort to shift blame.

When a YRF film flops it’s always Aditya Chopra who takes most of the blame or at least there is blame game or clarification. But when Dharma goes wrong then it’s either Tiger for Screw Dheela or Puri for Liger or pandemic for Takht or Kartik for Dostana 2 God knows what for Mr Lele. It’s ‘Dharma’ of producer to stand tall and take the blame like a good captain or leader. This said planting of stories is age old way to show, I am clean!

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