Rakul Preet Singh Stresses On The Importance Of Sex Education, Says ‘We Shouldn’t Shy Away From Speaking About This Topic Openly’

She stated that she has hope that people who watch movies will have a different change in their approach.

Rakul Preet, 32, known for Thank God, Doctor G, Cuttputlli, Yaariyan, spoke on the significance of sex education and stated that she has hope that people who watch movies will have a different change in their approach.

As per Koimoi, Rakul Preet said, “It’s a family film, a film which I can watch with my family or parents or my father sitting right next to me because not one dialogue in the film is creepy or has double meaning. Everything is a matter of fact, and it is the need of the hour.”

“In 2023, we need to have conversations which are important and highlight topics which are important and there is nothing in the film which could have caused any inhibition. It’s a story of a girl and how she realises the importance of safe sex and why she takes the onus upon herself of speaking about it freely and openly,” she added.

“When I was in 9th/10th grade and whenever sex education class used to happen, as teenagers, we used to giggle and shy away from this topic and find excuses to bunk these classes because somewhere knowingly or unknowingly, there is a taboo around this conversation,” she revealed.

She mentioned, “I feel it’s absolutely normal to discuss this because if we can discuss heart health then why can’t we discuss uterus health or STDs. It’s part of our health, so we shouldn’t shy away from speaking about this topic openly,” the actress further mentioned.”

“The motive of the film is entertaining people, and I feel that if through entertainment you can change people’s ideology and set them on the right path, that’s a bonus. And if ten people change their way of thinking, it’s an achievement for us,” the actress concluded. Meanwhile, she will next be seen in  “Chhatriwali”.


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