Ranveer Singh And Janhvi Kapoor To Come Together For Tezaab Remake?

However, the final cast hasn't been confirmed

Directed by N. Chandra, Tezaab stars Anil Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit, Anupam Kher and others. The romance/drama released in 1988 showcases a tale of Mahesh’s life which was ruined as he gets imprisoned and apart from Mohini, who suffers due to her heartless father. Mahesh comes back to save Mohini and settle old scores.

The latest bollywood news is that Ranveer and Janhvi could share the screen space for Tezaab remake. However, the final cast hasn’t been confirmed. Earlier, there were reports of Shraddha and Kartik joining the cast instead of Ranveer and Janhvi.

“Initially the plan was to rope in Shraddha Kapoor and Kartik Aaryan. However, Murad Khetani and team have now decided to approach Janhvi and Ranveer for the project,” Bollywood Hungama quoted its source as saying.

When asked why the abrupt change in the cast he continued, “Kartik and Shraddha were the front runners for the film. However, due to certain reason the makers have now decided on approaching Janhvi Kapoor and Ranveer Singh for the same roles. Initially, the makers of the Tezaab remake had approached Ranveer first, and instead of Shraddha, they want Janhvi in the movie.”


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