Salman Khan Docu-Series ‘Beyond The Star’, A Birthday Gift For All Salmaniacs In December: READ MORE

Salman Khan’s fun and honest personal life will be captured in his upcoming docu-series ‘Beyond the Star’. This project will also trace his journey in films, with his family, friends, directors and producers, who will give interesting details about Salman Khan.

This docu-series has been in the pipeline for some time now and the makers seem to have finalized its release date. ‘Beyond the Star’ will reportedly be released on Salman’s birthday this year, on December 27. However, the makers are yet to confirm the same. This documentary will also feature several rare and unseen glimpses of the star.

Speaking about the same, Salman Khan had previously told PTI, “My docu series is ‘Beyond the Star’. Iulia had thought of it and I felt it was a good concept. Whoever I have worked with, staff, friends, co-stars, directors, producers will talk about how I was earlier and how I am now. Everyone has come in to talk, people have come and spoken honest things, people who didn’t like things have also spoken and those who liked have also spoken. So the entire journey has been in a way captured. It is as honest (as possible). And it is fun.”

Almost everybody who has worked with Salman is coming forward to speak about him. People like Himesh Reshammiya and Kamal Khan (the singer) who owe their careers to Salman will also be featured.

This is a comprehensive one-stop fact-finder documentary on Salman Khan, which is rapidly being readied with Salman’s active consent and participation. The buzz is Beyond The Star will be released on Salman Khan’s birthday on December 27 this year.

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