Salman Khan’s Niece Alizeh Agnihotri To Be A Part Of Vikas Bahl’s Upcoming, La Famille Belier’s Remake

It's going to be her second venture

Vikas Bahl is known for Goodbye, Super 30, Queen, Udta Punjab. Director of the Ganpath starring Tiger Shroff, Kriti Sanon, seems to have been planning about his next project, which is an official remake of French-Belgian film La Famille Belier released in 2016.

The latest bollywood news is that Bahl has decided to direct Salman Khan’s niece Alizeh Agnihotri in the film. It’s going to be her second venture following the webseries Jamtara – Sabka Number Aayega, directed by Soumendra Padhi and starring Manoj Bajpayee.

“Vikas Bahl has finished scripting and will start shooting for it in the first quarter of next year. This is a film Vikas has been planning to adapt for Indian audiences for the last six years, and it’s finally seeing the light of day in 2023. The director has made some appropriate changes to the story and setting so that it resonates with Indian sensibilities and culture. Alizeh’s father, Atul Agnihotri, is producing it with Reliance Entertainment,” Peeping Moon quoted its source as saying.

La Famille Belier is an 2014 family drama about a tale of a 16-year-old teenage girl named Paula who speaks well in sign language as she talks with her deaf and mute family which comprises her mother, father, and brother. However, a music teacher coincidentally finds her natural talent for singing and urges her to pursue it and take part in a prestigious competition at a Paris music college. But the only issue is Paula will have to shift away from her family.


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