Shah Rukh Khan Reveals How He And Atlee ‘Tricked’ Deepika Padukone Into Doing A Full Role In ‘Jawan’; Praises Her For Being Gutsy

Shah Rukh Khan is basking in the success of “Jawan”, which is breaking all records at box office. Shah Rukh Khan is set to become the only actor to have two films crossing 1000-crores worldwide in a single year.

Earlier today, Shah Rukh Khan hosted a press conference to celebrate the success of Jawan. His lady-luck Deepika Padukone, Vijay Sethupathi, Atlee and Anirudh were present at the event too, while Nayanthara sent a virtual message for the audience and fans. During this event, SRK mentioned how he asked Deepika to be a part of ‘Jawan’.


Shah Rukh Khan On Asking Deepika Padukone To Be A Part Of ‘Jawan’

Shah Rukh Khan, the Bollywood superstar, recently revealed how he convinced Deepika Padukone to do a cameo in his latest movie, Jawan. In a press conference that was held today, SRK said that he asked Deepika to be a part of the movie while they were shooting for “Besharam Rang”. He mentioned that he was looking at Deepika doing “Besharam Rang” and thought she would be perfect for the role of Aishwarya Rathore in Jawan. SRK also revealed that he and Atlee tricked Deepika into doing a full-length role by telling her that it was just a special appearance.

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He said, “When Atlee Sir was discussing it, we were lucky because we had managed to get Vijay Sethupathi Sir on board. We met him and he was filled with so much love and goodness and he said ‘ya I’ll love to do the film’. We had just gone out for Nayanthara ji’s wedding. And then we are thinking, right from day one, if only we had Deepika in this role (Aishwarya Rathore). I said,”I don’t know sir, she will be busy and I love her too much”. I will never call her for something that doesn’t become an essence for her. After all, she started her career with me.”

He continued, “I have to tell you how I asked Deepika. It was on the sets of ‘Pathaan’ and that day she was doing ‘Besharam Rang’ and I was sitting. I asked Pooja (Pooja Dadlani, SRK’s manager) ‘ye maa ka role karegi?’. So Sir, I am looking at Deepika do ‘Besharam Rang’ and I think she will be very good as a mother. I will be honest with all of you. Pooja must have gone to her for 2 seconds and then comes back and says ‘yeah, whenever you say, just tell Atlee sir’. I know it was very large hearted and we are very close to each other. We love each other like family. For her to have done this, as an actor, is very gutsy.”

Deepika Padukone Didn’t Charge A Single Penny For Her Role In ‘Jawan’

Deepika Padukone, who played an important role in Jawan, recently interacted with the media and talked about her fees. She revealed that she did not charge a penny for the movie and said that she would do any special appearances for SRK. She also mentioned that Shah Rukh Khan is vulnerable with her and that she is one of the few people he trusts. 

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Shah Rukh Khan On The Entire Cast Of ‘Jawan’

Talking about the cast and crew, Shah Rukh Khan expressed, “The wonderful Deepika Padukone is stunning, all the ladies in the film are beautiful. I think Vijay Sethupathi is outstanding, aur Sunil Grover kamaal hain, aur mera toh jawab hi nahi. But iss film ke asli heroes and heroines woh technicians hai jinhone isko 4 saal se banaya hai (…Sunil Grover is exceptional, and as for me, well, there’s no comparison. But the true heroes and heroines of this film are the technicians who have worked on it for the past four years).”

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