Special Feature: Shah Rukh Khan Starrer Jawan Was Postponed Months Back But How Twitter Experts Kept Fans Engaged For 2nd June Release Taking Advantage Of Stoic Silence Of Makers

Digital media is funny world. Bollywood film journalism was simple few years back. There were official announcements which media used to carry and audience got concrete confirmed updates. Then came wave of self proclaimed less qualified journalists who joined gossip portals and got traction on social media. Production houses found new tool of PR and business of breaking half baked news in the name of ‘Exclusive’ flourished.

Win Win Situation For These Experts, PRs and Production Houses

These fan turned social media warrior turned experts are generally sycophant of production houses and PRs. They pay humble visit to production house, attend their premiers (generally do not attend press shows of films of ‘certain’ stars and production houses who give them preferential treatment and in return these actors/ production houses have them on their sides). Production house or actors use them to publish half baked news and then at times other parties (recently happened in case of Kartik Aryan’s & Maddock Films and Karan Johar’s Dhadak sequel) come out in open to rubbish these half baked news.

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How And Why Fans Were Fooled For Months On The Name Of Tight Release Of Jawan With Teaser In 1st Week Of May

Most of the trusted media outlets including us announced it in February and March that Shah Rukh Khan starrer Jawan will NOT release in June as announced earlier. It has happened in past and will happen in future when a massive film didn’t finish on time. Shoot was going on till April end which meant only a month for scheduled release date.

These twitter experts kept tweeting till April end about ‘tight’ release of Jawan and their ‘trusted source’ told them about teaser in May 1st week. When nothing released till 3rd May, these experts got cold feet and on the name of ‘Exclusive’ new set of dates were claimed last night. Fans were fooled who kept waiting for something which was already pushed 2-3 months back.

Stoic silence from Red Chillies Entertainment added fuel to these rumours and gave opportunity to these experts to create their own false narrative. Jawan still NOT confirmed to release in August as per news in trade till late night but now an official announcement is on the way from makers. It’s a lost opportunity as 2nd June was a good date indeed and later half of the year is crowded with plethora of releases.

We will update you on this very soon till then let’s enjoy this media circus and business of ‘Exclusive’ news.

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