Shah Rukh Khan’s new Mannat name plate costs THIS whopping amount!

Gauri Khan is said to have designed the new name plate.

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Mannat, Shah Rukh Khan’s residence, was trending on Twitter a few days ago. Fans noticed that SRK had replaced the nameplate on his opulent mansion, and many of them uploaded before and after images of the evolution. Some fans have taken photos of the new nameplate and shared them on social media. And, well, this says a lot about their devotion to King Khan. The new nameplate is attractive, but do you know who created it or how much it costs?

Gauri Khan is said to have designed the new name plate. BollywoodLife quoted a source saying, “Shah Rukh Khan’s new Mannat nameplate has been designed under the supervision of his super talented interior designer wife Gauri Khan. She, who is an ace designer herself suggested a revamp of their nameplate and it was decided for quite a time now. And finally, they did.”

It added, “SRK never gets into these details, as the boss of the house is Gauri and whatever she decides the family happily accepts. Indeed the choice is great as the response they are getting from the fans is endearing.”

And well, the cost of the new name plate is around 20-25 lakhs. The source adds, “Gauri wanted something classy to suit the standard of the Khan family. And this name plate reflects the classic choice of Mrs Khan.”


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