Shahrukh Khan Responds To PM’s Request, Shares Parliament Video With Voice-Over! PM Narendra Modi Replies To SRK’s Tweet

Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan on Saturday hailed the inauguration of new parliament complex, calling it a “magnificent new home’ for the people who uphold our constitution”.

SRK tweeted, “What a magnificent new home for the people who uphold our Constitution, represent every citizen of this great Nation and protect the diversity of her one People @narendramodi ji. A new Parliament building for a New India but with the age old dream of Glory for India. Jai Hind! #MyParliamentMyPride.”

Here is the tweet:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the new parliament building on Sunday at a mega event. Built at a cost of ₹971 crore, the new parliament complex can accommodate 888 Lok Sabha members and 300 members in the Rajya Sabha. The Lok Sabha is being designed to accommodate joint sessions, and will be able to host 1,272 members.

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The triangular-shaped building is a part of the Central Vista Redevelopment Project. It will have a constitutional hall, and is said to be ‘divyang friendly’. The new complex has a central lounge to complement the open courtyard. The Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha are based on India’s national bird (peacock) and national flower (lotus) respectively.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi Responded To Shah Rukh Khan’s Tweet

After Shah Rukh Khan tweeted about new Parliament building, Prime Minister Narendra Modi replied with this tweet.

“Beautifully expressed! The new Parliament building is a symbol of democratic strength and progress. It blends tradition with modernity.”

Here is the tweet:

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