EXCLUSIVE: Hollywood Biggie Holds Jumps On 2nd Saturday, Set To Cross 100 Cr Nett In India And 100 Million USD In Domestic US Market Tomorrow! Global Super Hit

Fast X, the 10th installment in the Hollywood’s Fast and Furious franchise, is revving up to lead global box office charts. Film is good hal hit and proved to be biggest hit from Hollywood in India in 2023.

Fast X collected 12.50 cr nett on day one despite Thursday release. Film jumped on day two and collected 13.75 cr nett. Film again jumped on Saturday and collected 17 cr nett. Film managed 18 cr nett more on Sunday. Film has 4 – day total of 61.25 cr nett and which is higher than 43-45 cr nett weekend of Fast & Furious 7, previous release of franchise.

Film managed to hold well on Monday despite being Thursday release and collected 5.75 cr nett. Film collected 4.80 cr, 4.20 cr and 4 cr Nett on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Film had week one total of 80 cr nett.

On 2nd Friday film held strongly and collected 5.25 cr nett. Film has crossed 94 cr nett and it will cross 100 cr nett tomorrow. It has legs to cross 125 cr nett in India and that’s massive improvement over previous Fast & Furious films.

Box Office Collections All India

Below are the box office collections for the film all India: 

Thursday: 12.50 cr

Friday: 13.75 cr

Saturday: 17 cr

Sunday: 18 cr 

Monday: 5.75 cr 

Tuesday: 4.80 cr 

Wednesday: 4.20 cr 

Thursday: 4 cr 

1st Week Total: 80 cr Nett

2nd Week:

Friday: 5.25 cr

Saturday: 7.50 cr

Total: 94.25 cr Nett

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Fast X Global Box Office Collection 

Fast X is racing towards hordes of dollars at the box office, and its earnings have now helped the Fast and the Furious franchise pass $7 billion globally, according to Deadline. Fast X has also made Universal the first studio to pass $1 billion at the domestic box office in 2023.

Fast and the Furious has now become the fifth franchise to pass $7 billion at the global box office, doing so in 11 films. It is currently ranked as the fifth-highest-grossing franchise of all time. It is currently tied with Warner Bros.’ Wizarding World films, which includes the Harry Potter franchise, for the fewest number of movies required to reach the $7 billion mark. The films have collectively garnered $1.946 billion at the domestic box office and $5.083 billion internationally, for an impressive global total of $7.03 billion.

While Fast X is nowhere near the highest-grossing film in the saga yet, the Vin Diesel and Jason Momoa starrer has still managed to generate $81.9 million at the domestic box office since its release on May 19. The film has nabbed an additional $289.8 million overseas for a global box office total of $371.8 million, significantly surpassing its initial box office tracking numbers. Given that the film has been in theaters for just one week, it is likely that Fast X’s box office numbers will keep rising.

Domestic USA Box Office: 101 million USD

Overseas Box Office: 410 million USD

Worldwide Total: 511 million USD

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