SHOCKING: Sunny Deol Faces E-Auction Next Month Of His Juhu Villa Over Non Payment Of Rs. 55.99 Crores Dues

The latest film of Sunny Deol, Gadar 2, has created a sensation at the box office. It has collected almost Rs. 336 crores in just 9 days, leaving the trade and industry stunned. But, on the flip side, he is going through a financial crisis. A notice in The Times Of India dated August 20, issued by Bank Of Baroda, reveals that the actor’s Sunny Villa in Juhu, Mumbai, will be put up for e-auction due to non-payment of dues.

Sunny Deol’s Loan Default: Property Auction on September 25, 2023

According to the notice, the bank has lent money to Ajay Singh Deol, also known as Sunny Deol, and he is the borrower and guarantor. He has to repay Rs. 55,99,80,766.33 to the bank, which is equivalent to Rs. 55.99 crores or nearly Rs. 56 crores. He could not pay back the money on time, so the bank will sell his property on September 25, 2023. The property is Sunny Villa in Juhu, Mumbai. The sale will not take place in person, but online.

The notice states that the buyer, after paying the amount, will get ‘symbolic possession’. After the amount is deposited, Bank Of Baroda will approach the District Magistrate. Once the DM approves, the buyer will get physical possession of the property. However, this process can be slow and can take months or even years. Until then, Sunny Deol can operate his business from Sunny Villa.”

The actor’s office, Sunny Super Sound, is located in Sunny Villa, which also has a preview theatre and two other post-production suites. The preview theatre is very popular and many big films have their screenings for the cast, crew and industry at Sunny Super Sound. It also hosts press shows for journalists. The theatre and the post-production studios were set up in the late 80s and have modern technology.

A report in Bombay Times in February 2016 said that Sunny Deol had pledged his studio to get money for his directorial project, Ghayal Once Again (2016). The report said that he took a loan against his property to pay back the money he owed to his lenders.

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