Sonu Sood Feels Inner Peace And Satisfaction In Helping People

Sonu Sood Feels Inner Peace And Satisfaction In Helping People
Sonu Sood Feels Inner Peace And Satisfaction In Helping People

Sonu Sood has come out like a true warrior in the time of pandemic. While in this difficult situation migrant workers who suffered a lot, Sonu Sood has taken the initiative to help them reach home in every possible way.

Sonu who turns 47 today i.e., on July 30, even gets some weird request on which he laughed and said, “They are part of the whole movement. There are youngsters who want to be with their girlfriend/boyfriend…I respond to them in a light-hearted manner, to keep their spirits high. There’s a bond that I’ve formed with all these migrants. We’ve become a part of one big family.”

Talking to a media portal, he shared how his family feels about his passion, “You know I get no time to spend with my wife and sons. Once in a while my children come and hug me and grumble that I’ve no time for them. Sometimes days pass before I am able to meet them. I am constantly monitoring all the travel plans of the migrants. I don’t even have time to look at my family. But they are my biggest support system. They know the importance of what I am doing. That every hour lost probably means a hundred more migrants unable to get home.”

Sonu feels it’s a promise from him to take them home (the migrants). He says they depend on him to send them to their homes. The humble actor said, “If they are all set to walk or cycle to their homes thousands of miles away, and if I tell them to wait a day or two so I can arrange for their travel, they stay back. It then becomes my responsibility to get the necessary permissions and see to it that they get to their loved ones. So yes, it’s a responsibility. But I am more than up to it.”

Sonu says he feels the inner peace and satisfaction helping them. He feels that as he migrated to Mumbai to be an actor so one day he could help these migrants.

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