Sunny Deol Says His 16-Year-Old Feud With Shah Rukh Khan Was ‘Childish’; Reveals Having A Great Bond With Him

While basking in the success of "Gadar 2," the actor shared candid insights into the past and their newfound camaraderie.

Gadar 2 actor Sunny Deol has finally broken his 16-year-long silence on his once tumultuous relationship with Shah Rukh Khan, shedding light on the infamous fallout that occurred on the sets of the 1993 blockbuster, “Darr.”

While basking in the success of “Gadar 2,” the actor shared candid insights into the past and their newfound camaraderie.

Their differences began when Sunny Deol vehemently disagreed with the climax of “Darr,” a film that he was part of. He revealed that he had a heated confrontation with director Yash Chopra, even tearing his pants in a fit of rage. Sunny’s primary concern was that the film seemed to glorify the villain, a narrative twist that took him by surprise.

Sunny Deol On His 16-Year-Old Feud With Shah Rukh Khan

Last week, the hatchet was officially buried when Sunny Deol extended a warm invitation to Shah Rukh Khan, welcoming him to the success party of “Gadar 2.” The icing on the cake was a heartwarming embrace between the two actors, which was captured by the paparazzi, offering fans a glimpse into their newfound friendship.

Speaking candidly on “Aap Ki Adalat,” Sunny Deol attributed the past feud to youthful impetuousness, describing it as his “bachpana” (childishness). He expressed that today, he shares a warm bond with Shah Rukh Khan and that they have conversed on numerous occasions, discussing a wide range of topics.

Recalling the bygone era when the rift took place, Sunny Deol remarked, “One understands such things should not have happened. It was ‘bachpana’ (childish), definitely.” He also disclosed that they have spoken about potential movie collaborations in the past.

The Actor Also Discussed His Unique Bond With Salman Khan

Addressing another aspect of his Bollywood relationships, Sunny Deol responded to Salman Khan’s shoutout to “Gadar 2.” He acknowledged their unique bond, emphasizing that he is senior to Salman Khan in the industry. Their association, rooted in mutual respect, traces back to when Salman used to visit the sets while Sunny was at work, building a connection that goes beyond mere colleagues.

“Gadar 2” has been a colossal success at the box office, making waves in the Hindi film industry. As of September 8, it was confirmed that the movie has raked in an impressive Rs 510 crore, securing its place as the second highest-grossing Hindi film, a testament to Sunny Deol’s enduring star power and cinematic prowess.

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