Surprise Twist: The Kerala Story Struggles To Find OTT Buyers

It’s quite a surprising twist when it comes to the unpredictable nature of the entertainment industry. At this point, it has become common knowledge among box office analysts and industry experts that Sudipto Sen‘s film, The Kerala Story is undoubtedly a massive hit.

Thus, after coming across reports indicating that The Kerala Story would soon be available for streaming, we reached out to Sudipto for confirmation. & surprise, his response left us astounded. He exclaimed We have yet to receive a suitable offer from any OTT platform for the release of The Kerala Story. Contradicting the previous reports, Sudipto declared, “Absolutely not. Those reports are baseless. We are still patiently awaiting a viable and advantageous deal from one of the major OTT platforms. However, thus far, we have not received any offer worth considering. It appears that the film industry has conspired to punish us.”

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However, Sudipto denies the validity of the reports claiming the film’s readiness for streaming, dismissing them as false information. According to him, they are still in a state of anticipation, awaiting a favorable and viable deal from one of the prominent OTT platforms. Disappointingly, they have yet to receive any offers that meet their considerations. Sudipto suggests that there might be a collective effort within the film industry to retaliate against their success, leading to this perceived lack of opportunities.

However, what could be the reason behind such punishment? Sudipto explains, “Our remarkable success at the box office has stirred up resentment among various factions within the film industry. We have a strong suspicion that a segment of the entertainment industry has joined forces with the intention of penalizing us for our achievements.”

Upon reaching out to a prominent OTT platform to inquire about the absence of a digital release for the highly successful film, The Kerala Story, the response we received was expected. They stated, “We prefer to avoid involvement with any content that carries political controversy.”

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More Comments From A Source

Interestingly, according to a reliable source within the industry, The Kerala Story may have achieved success at the box office; however, its theme and subject matter have the potential to generate strong backlash from a specific segment of the audience. This particular factor has deterred major OTT platforms from acquiring the film.

Expanding on the reasons behind the film’s lack of interest from OTT platforms, the source explains, “It is crucial to understand that The Kerala Story is perceived as a propaganda film, whereas OTT channels have been prioritizing content that is intellectually stimulating, thought-provoking, and entertaining. In such a scenario, a film like The Kerala Story does not align with the prevailing genres.”

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