Taapsee Pannu Slams Trade Experts For Criticising Dobaaraa In Distasteful Manner

Taapsee Pannu has reacted to trade experts’ tweets on the box office collection of her film Dobaaraa

Taapsee Pannu’s latest film Dobaaraa helmed by Anurag Kashyap has collected approx. Rs 72 lakh so far at box office to which many trade experts like Kamal Rashid Khan and Rohit Jaiswal are criticising it in distasteful manner.

Taapsee has responded to Hansal Mehta’s tweet defending the actor’s latest film Dobaaraa. The filmmaker tweeted after reports suggested that the film is being removed from theatres. Now Taapsee has slammed KRK who criticised the film’s box office collection.

After Hansal said that Dobaara did ‘more than decent’ business with 370 screens, Taapsee replied to him, “Sir, no matter how much you repeat a lie often, it won’t become the truth. And these people who have relevance just because of the films, are only trying to harm the industry. Imagine how foolish they are. Anyways, Dobaaraa is a little difficult for them to comprehend, can you blame them?”

“#Dobaaraa has done 72 lacs from 370 screens. Which is more than decent. It is these self-proclaimed experts/critics who are part of the malaise affecting us. The industry created these monsters by sucking up to them, paying them and now getting kicked in the back by them,” Hansal Mehta tweeted with screenshots of Kamaal Rashid Khan and Rohit Jaiswal’s tweets.

The film received positive reviews from critics and a lot of appreciation from several Bollywood celebrities during its initial screenings. However, going by the current box office reports, the movie made a business of only ₹72 lakh at the ticket window. Though film grew and collected close to 1 cr nett on Saturday.

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