‘Yashoda’ Trailer For Samantha Ruth Prabhu Unveiled By Vijay Deverakonda, Suriya, Varun Dhawan, Dulquer Salmaan And Rakhsit Shetty: Watch Inside !

Yashoda Trailer, the movie starring Samantha Ruth Prabhu, is finished and will soon be seen in theatres. whose trailer was released at 5:36 PM today. which the supporters are already looking at. This movie stands out on its own. Let us inform you that Samantha Ruth’s debut Hindi-language theatrical release will be this movie. something the actress is immensely enthusiastic about. In the entire nation, the movie is being released in 5 different languages. Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan, Vijay Deverakonda in Telugu, Suriya in Tamil, Rakshit Shetty in Kannada, and Dulquer Salmaan in Malayalam will all share the Hindi trailer. To release this movie widely, preparations are currently being made.

Yashoda is a very action-packed movie. In this movie, Samantha Ruth plays the protagonist role, and Varalakshmi Sarathkumar and Unni Mukundan also appear in supporting parts. In this movie, Samantha is portraying the part of Yashoda, a woman who is pregnant. Let us inform you that this movie will hit theatres on November 11, 2022.

The Yashoda movie’s producer disclosed which language and who will be responsible for creating the trailer. Superstar Telugu actor Vijay Deverakonda will debut the film’s trailer. 777 Kannada trailer famed Charlie Soon, Rakshit Shetty will be available. Dulquer Salmaan and Suriya will launch the Tamil and Malayalam trailers, respectively. The Hindi-language trailer will be made available by Varun Dhawan.

Millions of people’s emotions are being ruled by the stunning actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu from the South Asian film industry. to see for whom her supporters are waiting impatiently. She has collaborated with all of the major South Asian superstars to date. She made her debut in the industry in 2010 with a Tamil movie. She then worked hard to gradually get to her current position. Let us inform you that the actress wed the actor Nagarjuna’s son in 2017. He had to take a long vacation from seeing movies in the meanwhile. Stay tuned for latest news, hindi box office news, Bollywood news, ott news, latest bollywood news and latest box office news.

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