Theatres in Amravati, Maharashtra are shut since January 1, 2022 for THIS shocking reason

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Maharashtra has given permission for film houses to reopen on October 22, 2021. Despite the onslaught of Covid-19’s third wave, the state administration has not shut down theatres. While most theatres are operating normally, with 50% occupancy and nighttime limitations in place across the state, one city sticks out. The theatres in Amravati have been closed since the beginning of the year, and the reason is pretty astonishing.

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Amravati, which is about 150 kilometres from Nagpur, is significant in the film industry. It is the CP-Berar distribution circuit’s hub. All major studios, including AA Films, PEN Marudhar, Yash Raj Films, Rajshri Productions, Zee Studios, and others, have offices in Amravati.

A trade expert told Bollywood Hungama the reason for cinemas not functioning in this city, “The validity of the license held by the cinemas is for a year, from January 1 to December 31. The theatres usually submit a plea for renewal in November and before December 31, their application gets accepted.”

The expert continued. “The license applications along with all the required NOCs were submitted to the department of the Commissioner of Police, which has the authority to give the renewal approval. This time, the department however has, neither processed the applications nor even permitted the reopening of the cinemas. As a result, since January 1, 2022, all the theatres in Amravati have been shut.”

Though just five theatres are located in Amravati, the trade expert further explained, “It is plain harassment at a time when businesses have suffered in the last 1 ½ years. The cinema sector has suffered the most. It impacts hundreds of livelihoods directly and indirectly who run their kitchens through this sector. It comprises those who work in the cinemas like the ushers, security guards etc, and also those who serve externally like plumbers, electricians, food and beverage vendors. Moreover, the retail shops that are located in close proximity and who depend on cinema halls for footfalls are also suffering. So the question is not just of five cinemas but of the livelihoods of hundreds of people in the town.”

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Prakalp M Rathi, who runs a cinema hall in Amravati wrote on Twitter, “Out of whole of Maharashtra only cinemas in Amravati are closed due to licensing formalities already submitted papers more than a week but not yet received the licence from licensing authority (sic).”

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