‘This Is 100% Government’s Failure. This Is Politics And It is Very Bad’: Diljit Dosanjh On Sidhu Moosewala’s Murder As He Prays To God For Justice

Diljit Dosanjh talked about Moosewala's family's efforts to deal with the tragedy in this interview.

On social media, Diljit Dosanjh doesn’t hold back, and in person, he behaves exactly the same way. The Punjabi actor-singer was frank in an interview he gave to Film Companion about his life, his feelings, and the passing of singer-musician Sidhu Moosewala.

Diljit is a huge Moosewala admirer and he frequently pays respect to the late singer when performing. He discussed the terrible killing of the singer in this interview, accusing politics, and how politics frequently results in the failure of creative artists.

Diljit Dosanjh talked about Moosewala’s family’s efforts to deal with the tragedy in this interview. He  accused the government saying, “This is 100% government’s failure. This is politics and politics is very bad. We pray to God that he gets justice and such tragedy never happens again. We are not in this world to kill each other but this has been happening since the beginning. Artists have been killed before as well… I remember when I started, there used to be problems. People would feel why is this person getting so successful but killing someone is just… I don’t know. It is the government’s fault 100% and this is politics, according to me.”

Additionally, he discussed the effect on their families of Deep Sidhu’s accidental death. He stated, “All of them worked hard. I don’t think an artiste can do anything wrong to anyone, I am talking about my own experience. There could be nothing between him and someone else. So why would anyone kill someone else? This is a very sad thing. Even talking about it is so difficult. Think about it, you have just one child and he dies. His father and mother, how would they be living with it. You cannot imagine what they are going through, only they know it.”

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