UV Creations Clears The Air For Prabhas’ Fans On Updates For His Next Film

UV Creations Clears The Air For Prabhas’ Fans On Updates For His Next Film
UV Creations Clears The Air For Prabhas’ Fans On Updates For His Next Film

In the world of stars being the limelight comes with the territory. PAN India superstar Prabhas is known for capturing the wonder of his fans and intriguing those uninterested in cinema with his remarkable acting and immense on-screen persona. The aura of Prabhas is such that he has the ability to bring together people of all careers, lifestyles and social economical status under the flag of one movie.

As the nation is under 21 day lockdown, all shootings have come to standstill for indefinite time. While hoping that the global condition improves, Prabhas fans have been constantly wanting to know what is going on with his movie projects and wanting to get hold of every information they can. Keeping the love and concern of his fans in mind, UV creations took to their social media account to share the news that all of their shooting have been paused and they will come up with further updates post the situation is under control. To announce the same, UV creations took to their twitter account:

“We are amidst a global pandemic and many lives are at stake due to the current situation. Owing to the current situation, we have paused all our activities. After all this is over, we promise to come up with many more updates. We urge everyone to stay home & stay safe! #Prabhas20”

The message also urged everyone to stay home, be safe and take all necessary precautions at this time. Prabhas has enjoyed his unparalleled fandom through his entire career and even though his fame earned him the rank of celebrity, his love for his fans never faltered.

Last seen in Saaho, Prabhas impressed the audiences with his high octane action in a PAN India movie. Fans were enthralled to see the movie in varied languages.

Living up to his name and providing fans with something fresh everytime, Prabhas will be seen next in Prabhas’ 20th film followed by Nag Ashwin’s directorial which is going to be a PAN-World release.

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