Yet Again Nawazuddin Siddiqui Proves He Is A True Profesional Actor


Recently Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui lost his sister, Syama Tamshi Siddiqui. The 26-year-old was battling cancer for the past 8 years.

Even though the news was so heartbreaking, Nawazuddin yet again proved his professionalism by keeping his emotions aside for his commitments.

The actor was in New York working for his upcoming film No Land’s Man while he came to know that his sister is no more with him.

Talking about the incident the director of the film Mustafa Sarwar Farook recently revealed that Nawazuddin normally got emotional while doing scenes that involved his reel-life sister, whose character is co-incidentally named Saima in the film. However, this is the greatness of the actor that, he would quickly regain his composure and continue with the scene.

He even asked the director if he was aware that he has a sister named Syama. To which the director cleared that the script was written 5 years ago, so there is no possibility he is aware of this fact.

In a particular scene, Nawazuddin got so emotional that he couldn’t stop crying. However, he managed to cleverly perform the scene keeping his personal feelings aside.

According to the director, even he knew his sister was no more he stayed back to finish the schedule as planned and performed marvelously.

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