Chiranjeevi donated 1 lakh to a fan for his daughter’s wedding

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Chiranjeevi’s good actions are well-known among his fans and colleagues in the Tollywood industry. When it comes to resolving industry difficulties or assisting the less fortunate, the star is fearless. And with his thoughtful gesture, the celebrity has captured millions of hearts all over again. Chiranjeevi is said to have donated Rs 1 lakh to one of his fans’ daughter’s wedding.

Kondala Rao, who has been maintaining a tea cart for more than 30 years, is a huge fan of the actor. Furthermore, the man from Srikakulam’s Rajam area has developed a number of services and businesses based on the megastar’s example. Kondala Rao placed photographs of the Chiranjeevi couple, his younger brother Nagendrababu, and Janasena chairman Pawan Kalyan on his daughter’s marriage card, demonstrating his admiration for Chiranjeevi.

Ravana Swami Naidu, the founder of the All India Chiranjeevi Youth, was quick to alert Chiranjeevi about the sweet act. And, surprise, Chiranjeevi reacted to his fan’s gift in the most endearing way as soon as the news reached him. Chiranjeevi made a Rs 1 lakh deposit for Kondala’s daughter Nilaveni’s wedding and bestowed his blessings on her.

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