Annabelle Sethupathy Review: Taapsee Pannu and Vijay Sethupathi serve sloppy writing with a little chuckle


In the 1940s, people who enter a mansion die and become part of a group of ghosts stuck there. A family of thieves Rudra (Taapsee Pannu) and her family enters the mansion after being pressured by a police officer. Things take a turn for the worst when the family’s young woman Rudhra begins acting strangely after she begins to see ghosts.

Rudra has a history with the palace that ties into her previous life as Annabelle. Who is Annabelle? What is her relationship with the Palace? When Rudra enters the palace, what happens? is the story’s central theme.

Technical Departments:

The film is one of Kollywood’s most visually appealing productions. We can see some absolutely stunning scenes in the movie’s first scene, when Jagapathi Babu’s character enters the bungalow. The movie’s artwork is stunning, and the director’s ability to convey the palace’s grandeur and grace deserves special praise.

The film’s execution, on the other hand, is lacking, and the comedic parts are poorly written. In this film, Taapsee Pannu plays two parts, and her portrayal of the foreign lady in her previous life was excruciating to see. Until the film’s flashback, there are numerous comic sequences. Every one of them feels quite familiar and will bore you to tears. The comic segments do not allow the audience to become immersed in the plot and do not function as well.

Annabelle Sethupathy’s only saving grace is those ghosts who partially succeeded in provoking some laughter in the early half of the film. The manner in which Annabelle and Veera Sethupathi’s romance develops was likewise unconvincing.


Taapsee has made some unique decisions in recent years, and each film holds a special place for her. In the film, she has two roles: Annabelle and Rudra. The actress has nothing spectacular to do with any of the characters. As a result of the lack of character depth, she has been rather commonplace.

If Vijay Sethupathi is playing a character, one would anticipate something exceptional. Sethupathi, on the other hand, is a huge letdown in this film. We can barely see him since it is so horribly etched. Having said that, he did nothing wrong, but his influence has been severely harmed by a poor depiction. Only in the second half of the film does Vijay Sethupathi appear. It hurts me so much to watch such a talented actor squandered in a part that is a fraud in every way.

Even senior actors like Rajendra Prasad and Radhika could not impress. Vennela Kishore was wasted with a little role.


The film’s production values are excellent, but the story falls flat. Watch Annabelle Sethupathy only if you’re bored.

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