Bigil Movie Review: Atlee’s Sports Drama Churns Out The Best Of Thalapathy Vijay

Bigil deals with women empowerment and that has been captured well and it suits the Tamil culture and nativity well. Read on to know more!

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Movie Review:

Bigil has Vijay Thalapathy as Michel, who is the local messiah of the masses and often helps the poor. Michel has got a lot of enemies and keeps targeting him often. One day, Michel’s friend who is a ladies’ football coach gets badly injured and Michel is left to lead the side as a new coach. But the twist in the tale takes place when the ladies in the team strictly do not want him as their coach. Hence the story moves on and the reasons come forward on why they don’t want him to help them with coaching.

The film deals with women empowerment and that has been captured well and it suits the Tamil culture and nativity well.


Though the overall movie is a feel good, one of the biggest drawbacks of the film is a storyline which is quite old. The film is a rehash of several sports drama’s in the past and has been added a lot of mass and commercial angles to make the film relatable. The first half of the film is quite slow and Atlee takes forever to enter the main storyline.


Atlee, once again proves that he is the showman in Tamil cinema. His vision and the manner in which he uses a star like Vijay to narrate a sports-based subject with women empowerment is very good. He has given all the Tamil fans plenty to enjoy as he catered to the fans, family and touched all crucial emotions. The first half is weak as nothing much happens in the first half and the emotions are also weak during this time. He nicely covers it up in the second half and makes for good content.


A R Rahman’s music and BGM is a big advantage to the film. He has just taken the film to another level with the BGM which is emotional and adrenaline pumping.

Technical Departments:

Vishnu’s camerawork is the top-notch as the thrills on the football match have been captured really well. The makers have spent a bomb and that showcases the film in a superb light. Production design needs a special mention as the manner in which the game, local set up and crime backdrop is superb. Editing is just about okay as the film needs to be edited out for at least ten minutes in the first half. The negative point is that the VFX of the Railway Station Action Sequence looks fake.


Vijay’s stardom is on another level in this film and that has been captured superbly by director Atlee. He showcases Vijay in two different roles and the star hero does supremely well in all departments. Vijay has polished his football skills so well that you will feel like a real player playing the game on the screen. Vijay as the aged gangster is superb and has a terrific screen presence. Jackie Shroff as the main villain seems like a perfect fit for the movie.  


All in all, Bigil is has all the emotional aspects on point and is relatable with an empowering message.

Movie: Bigil
Producer: AGS Entertainment
Director: Atlee
Cast: Vijay, Nayanthara, Jackie Shroff, Vivek, Kathir
Music Director : A.R. Rahman

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Thumbs Up

  • Performances
  • Cinematography

Thumbs Down

  • Weak Storyline
  • Lazy first half

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