Shah Rukh Khan With David Letterman: Biggest Ever Standing Ovation, Son Aryan Can’t Act & More

David Letterman finally justified the title of his show "My Next Guest Needs No Introduction" when he called Shah Rukh Khan on the stage.

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Shah Rukh Khan With David Letterman

David Letterman finally justified the title of his show “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction” when he called Shah Rukh Khan on the stage. Shah was at his wittiest and his romantic best on the show.

For the uninitiated, Letterman is a popular American talk show host famous for his in-depth conversations and humour, with the much-renowned guests from all over the world. Shah Rukh Khan is the first and only Indian to get interviewed by David Letterman.

Knowing his stardom, it was pretty expected for him to get the biggest standing ovation in the history of the show.

Letterman first hosted the Netflix series “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman” in 2018. It featured interviews with the likes of Barack Obama, George Clooney, Malala Yousafzai, JAY-Z, Tina Fey and Howard Stern. In the trailer host, David Letterman asked SRK about his popularity and the pressure of being a favourite of 3.5 billion people, the Indian star promptly responded, “We procreate a lot.” Remember the Eid celebration outside Shah Rukh Khan’s Mannat this year? Letterman was a part of it and he shot some portions there. He also presented Letterman with Italian delicacies at his residence.

On the show, Shah Rukh Khan opened up about his huge popularity and how he’s used to mammoth fan love. He said that he feels alien to this intangible concept of the superstar status. To which he adds, “I always tell everyone I am an employee of the myth of Shah Rukh Khan.”

Shah Rukh Khan opened about many things, out of which one was when he said he doesn’t think Aryan can act. He said, “My son doesn’t want to act and I don’t think he can. But in India, it’s like if you are a movie star’s son then you might become a movie star. He looks nice and he’s tall and okay. But I don’t think he has what it takes perhaps, and he realises it himself.”

He also added, “No. I think wanting to be an actor has to come from within. Something that you really feel like doing or wanting to do and then find a set of skills or learn it. But I think I realised it from him when he said that. He came and said I don’t think I want to act.”

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