Jagame Thandiram Review: Karthik Subbaraj presents Dhanush with a lot of style and brainless script!

Dhanush's Jagame Thanthiram is perplexing, indulgent, and thoughtless.

The film introduces us to the three main characters: Peter (James Cosmo), a vicious gangster in London; Sivadoss (Joju George, a solid presence), Peter’s nemesis; and Suruli (Dhanush), a small-time criminal in Madurai.


Peter is a racist mobster who is involved in a variety of illicit enterprises in London; his main adversary is Sivadoss, a Tamil smuggler and gangster who controls the underworld in the United Kingdom. Sivadoss also assists Sri Lankan refugees in obtaining permanent citizenship in other nations. Peter devises a strategy to eliminate refugees and Sivadoss, and enlists the help of a Tamil thug named Suruli from the state of Tamil Nadu.

Suruli likes quick and pompous money from Peter, but the latter recognises that what he did to the Sivadoss and Tamils was treasonous. Suruli’s revolution against Peter and his racist group is the focus of the rest of the film!

Direction & Cinematography:

Karthik Subbaraj uses the fight of Eelam Tamils to add depth to the situations, but it doesn’t seem to work. Jagame Thandhiram, overflowing with Subbaraj’s hallmark thrive is a lighthearted atmosphere, a hero who’s mostly villain, a mid-plot surprise, and a pinch of comedy here and there.

Shreyaas Krishna’s frames are always vibrant and full of energy. Subbaraj’s choice of the leading man wins the struggle for the most part.


Suruli is a role that an actor like Dhanush can play in his sleep. His demeanour, smart speech, and reactions are appropriate for the role. His laugh seemed forced and fake at times.

The tale of Jagame Thandhiram is held together by Sivadoss’s character journey, which undergoes an unexpected transformation.

The rest of the characters, including Atila, are only there to serve a purpose. In lesser roles, actors like Kaliyarasan, Sanchana Natarajan, and Vadivukkarasi are largely squandered


Dhanush’s Jagame Thanthiram is extremely brittle. It’s perplexing, indulgent, and thoughtless.












Thumbs Up

  • Style
  • Action
  • Background score

Thumbs Down

  • Direction
  • Story

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