Middle Class Love Movie Review: A Poorly Executed Wannabe Romantic Drama

Yudi, who remains in his own bubble, learns great messages at the end.

Ratnaa Sinha directed Middle Class Love stars Prit Kamani, Kavya Thapar, Eisha Singh, Manoj Pahwa and others. It’s a 2 hour 2 min film and released today without much publicity.


Prit Kamani plays middle-class Yudi, who wants things like fantabulous school, girlfriend at his place, without making huge efforts but desires to be cool. Unlike his family members, where mother makes meal as per orders, elder brother provides tuition classes and father makes rickshaw drivers stop and he steps out before destination as they all count each paise and look to earn and save. Kavya acts as Saisha, who boasts about expensive cars. Eisha Singh as Aish who begins to thaw.

Yudi, who remains in his own bubble, learns great messages at the end.


Film has two really terrible actresses as Eisha Singh and Kavya Thapar perform poorly. They just look pretty and that’s about it. It’s a shame that they get such a chance but they falter big time. Prit Kamani has done his job well and manages to hold attention. Its poorly shot and its edit is amateurish.

But it’s Ratnaa Sinha who disappoints big time as it’s difficult to believe that same person directed such an interesting film Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana as her debut. This time she fails big time and question is why she attempted the genre where she felt so out of place.


The movie takes inspiration from ‘Student Of The Year’ and sets a beginning for newcomers actors as makers chose outsiders. It sends a powerful message of great life lessons but film lacks in execution. One can criticise Karan Johar brand of cinema but to make even that genre with perfection requires tremendous skills. This might have right intentions. However, it will find no takers at box-office.

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