Durgamati Review: One More South Remake Bite The Dust

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Durgamati Review: One More South Remake Bite The Dust
Durgamati Review: One More South Remake Bite The Dust



The film, Durgamati starts in a dark setup where a village is getting attacked, however, who is attacking the villagers is not known. Cut to a second scene we see a politician Ishwar Prasad played by Arshad Warsi is addressing a press conference. He is the Minister of Water Resources, and while talking to media he promises to quit politics if the government fails to track down the people behind the stolen antiques from the temples.

Here enters another angle where CBI Joint Director Satakshi Ganguly played by Mahie Gill was called to investigate Ishwar’s walk of life. Finally, they decide to interrogate Ishwar’s former personal secretary IAS Chanchal Chauhan (Bhumi Pednekar) who worked with him for ten years. Chanchal who is in jail for killing the love of her life, Shakthi, is then taken to Durgamati palace. With the help of ACP Abhay Singh played by Jisshu Sengupta who is also Shakthi’s brother, Chanchal is taken to the abandoned ‘haveli’ for questioning.

Now the whole story starts revolving around Durgamati, the spirit of the queen who died in the haveli. In the meantime, we also get to see some flashback stories to understand why Chanchal ended up here.


Director G. Ashok who also directed the original film Bhaagamathie starring Anushka Shetty did justice to his work. You can see the camera work, location, and cinematography are on point. What didn’t work was the too dramatic attitude of him. Now it’s quite obvious that all that works for the South, is not compulsory work for Hindi films. Ashok tried too much to make the film acceptable but he failed. Though the director had a lot of potential script of the film played a spoiled sport.

There were undoubtedly some intriguing moments in the film but it didn’t tie the viewer properly.


Let us not compare anyone with the original film. It is indeed very difficult to carry out the same performance in a remake of an already hit film. However, Bhumi Pednekar was exceptionally good with her role. She owned the screen with her expressions and acting. What didn’t work for her was the script and dialogues. We hate ghosts doing too much talking and Bhumi aka Chanchal did a lot of it. Dialogues were too average and dialogue delivery was even worst.

Arshad Warsi had a very little time on screen, but he marked his presence very beautifully. Arshad proved that even though the script is not in the favor of the actor a true artist can uplift it by his performance.

Mahie Gill was on the other hand was worst than the script. First of all, she failed to convince us with her Bengali accent which was very unnecessary. Her casting in the film was like pineapple on the pizza. While Karan Kapadia as Shakthi did an equally bad job, he failed to show any spark in his character which made him irritating on the screen.

Other characters were very average and didn’t make us laugh.


Thank God the film had only one song, it made the film less unbearable. The film’s music is composed by Tanishk Bagchi, Naman Adhikari, Abhinav Sharma, and Malini Awasthi. The soundtrack in the film is good except for the song which was unnecessary in the story.


The makers of the film tried to sell old wine in the new bottle which didn’t work this time. It’s a horror film which will not scare you. If you want to watch the film please stick till the end because those are the only 20 mins of the film which is worth watching.

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