Exclusive Movie Review Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga: Yami Gautam And Netflix Get Conned In Most Amateurish Heist Con Hijack Drama Ever

‘Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga’ is produced by Maddock Films and released today directly on Netflix. God knows whether it was commissioned by Netflix or they did favour by picking this ‘diamond’ (fake diamonds as per film’s plot) up! Film is produced by Dinesh Vijan and Amar Kaushik and directed by Ajay Singh.


‘Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga’ has such a kiddish plot that it’s questionable how this film got made. Film revolves (or should we say drag) around one airline passenger Ankit Sethi (Sunny Kaushal) and air hostess Neha Grover (Yami Gautam). If these names are too simple or cliche then sample India’s security expert Parvez Sheikh (Sharad Kelkar). Ankit meets Neha during a flight and they fell in love over a vegan meal. Neha gets pregnant and Ankit is ready to get married but there is a catch: he has to return 20 cr to his Diamond Insurance company which was swindled by one of its employees.

There is home minister who wants to smuggle (yes you read it right, it’s that lame) diamonds from Middle East through flight. Ankit is responsible to do this with help of some dumber characters. But this is not all, there is another parallel plan by smartest character in the film to hijack and double cross and God knows what! Risk to watch the film in order to figure out this headache inducing tale!


One can really feel bad genuinely for Yami Gautam who has given some decent films on ott, ‘A Thursday’ and ‘Lost’. But here she is reduced to a character which has everything to do but not a single good dialogue or single smart move to perform. Sunny Kaushal has done so many forgettable films in his career that you never come to know his actual potential as an actor. Still he does his best in a very confused written character. Sharad Kelkar is working towards maintaining 80:20 rule where he does 80% films without much though process and this is one of those. Rest of the cast looks straight out of a ‘Crime Patrol’ episode.


Amar Kaushik and Dinesh Vijan have given fresh hit films like ‘Bala’ and ‘Stree’ and even ‘Bhediya’ was a novel effort. But this is such a lazy film even by writer Shiraz Ahmed’s standards. Production value is pathetic and cinematography is poor. Editing is decent and costumes are the worst element in the film.

Director Ajay Singh has done a shabby job. There are loopholes and lack of reasoning in every 5 minutes. There is home minister and then there is hijack and heist but there is no mention of PM. No one is bothered about this incidence except 3-4 people in system. Neha is more interested in bashing of Ankit during a flight itself where a hijack and heist are on.


Don’t dare to watch this film unless you love those 70’s ‘Agent Vinod’ or 60’s ‘Aankhein’ starring Dharmendra. Film might look even more dated and less clever than these films. This is a sort of film which seems to be a part of ‘trading business’ between ott and producers and less of film making.



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