Hello Charlie Review: The Film Lacked Three Things: Entertainment, Story & Good Jokes!

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Hello Charlie Review: The Films Lacked 3 Things: Entertainment, Story & Good Jokes!
Hello Charlie Review: The Film Lacked 3 Things: Entertainment, Story & Good Jokes!


Director: Pankaj Saraswat

Cast: Jackie Shroff, Aadar Jain, Shhloka Pandit, Elnaaz Norouzi, Rajpal Yadav

Stars: 1.5


The story starts and we are introduced to M.D Makwana (Jackie Shroff), he is a businessman who is running from the law as he is involved in bank fraud.

Enters Chirag “Charlie” Rastogi (Aadar Jain) who is a young unsuccessful man who failed in whatever he does.

M.D Makwana’s girlfriend Mona darling (Elnaaz Norouzi), suggests he escape in a gorilla suit. Mona now hires none other than Charlie to Makwana to cross country to the port of Diu. The film moves on with a lot of confusion when Toto, the real gorilla escapes from a crashed plane and is also declared wanted.


Pankaj Saraswat failed miserably in creating the world of Charlie. The film is too dumb to even call a situational comedy, which we supposed it was.


Even though the film has legends like Jackie Shroff, Rajpal Yadav it failed to even giggle us. Newbies like Aadar Jain, Shhloka Pandit and Elnaaz Norouzi still have a long run to go.


This is the kind of film you watch when you don’t find anything to fill up your boring weekend. It will make you laugh a little but at the same time, you will get bored and want to again switch to something sensible.

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