Vakeel Saab Review: Pawan Kalyan’s Film Is A Story That Makes You Think & Cry At The Same Time!


Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Nivetha Thomas, Anjali, Ananya Nagalla, Prakash Raj

Director: Venu Sriram

Rating: 3.5 stars


Vakeel Saab is a story that revolves around three middle-class working females Pallavi (Nivetha Thomas), Divya Nail (Ananya Nagalla), and Zareena (Anjali). The girls get involved in a legal case as Pallavi escapes from a molestation attempt by a powerful man Vamshi (Vamshi Krishna) & his friends. The issue becomes big as Pallavi attacks him with a bottle leaving him with injuries. This situation then brings a suspended lawyer Vakeel Saab Konidela Satyadev (Pawan Kalyan) into the case for defense. Later, how Vakeel Saab drives the case towards justice is the story all about.


An actor turned politician, Pawan Kalyan makes his re-entry into the films after a gap of almost three years. Just his entry scene in the theaters brought back a lot of whistles and hooting. His performance in the film as an aggressive advocate with morals is outstanding.

Nivetha Thomas among the three girls comes on top with her amazing performance. Ananya and Anjali, on the other hand, are fine with their characters.

Prakash Jha steals our hearts with his amazing performance as Nanda Gopal. Vamshi Krishna as the spoiled brat is okay.

Shruti Haasan’s character in the film looked unnecessary. She’s mostly present in the flashbacks and didn’t add much to her acting.

Mukesh Rishi, Subhaleka Sudhakar, Sarath Babu, and others were the perfect fit for their respective characters.


As Vakeel Saab is the remake of the Hindi version of the film, Pink, the director, Venu Sriram decided to play safe using the same dialogues and gestures in most of the parts of the film. A plus point for all the action scenes. The cinematography of the film is kept neat as required. The story ends well with a really good courtroom drama.


The makers kept all songs in the background except for one which was a good decision. With films like these, the fewer the songs, the more everyone focus on the story.

The background music by S. Thaman escalated even the pale scenes of the film.


Watch it for good content and power-packed performance by Pawan Kalyan.

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