Helmet Review: Aparshakti Khurana’s film is a fresh approach to a serious problem served with lazy script


Lucky (Aparshakti Khurana), a jobless high school graduate, falls in love with Rupali (Pranutan Behl), a well-to-do girl. To pacify a growling father, a large sum of money is required (Ashish Vidyarthi). The only way out for Lucky and his friends is to come up with a crazy get-rich-quick scheme involving thievery. So they aim to steal a truck full of cellphones, but instead end up with a truck full of condom-filled cartons. They are taken aback. Lucky can’t believe his good fortune. He now has a large supply of condoms, which he is unable to purchase from his friendly neighbourhood chemist due to fear of scorn and judgement.

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This leads to the brilliant idea of selling the item to eager clients while wearing helmets so that no one recognises them. Men who wish to vent their ‘frustration’ require condoms. Women want to have fun without having to worry about getting pregnant. It is required for the health and safety of sex workers.

Technical Departments:

The film’s writers Gopal Mudhane and Rohan Shankar, as well as director Sarram Ramani, are never able to make it more than an intriguing concept. They keep repeating the same message till we become bored and frustrated. For the most part, we’ve seen the same tactic of passing condom-filled bags to consenting consumers. It’s almost as if the makers were waiting for the next brilliant idea to come to them.

A half-hearted attempt at humour is made, but the most of the gags fall flat. Suddenly, as the climax approaches, the same NGO workers we met at the beginning conduct a poll. It demonstrates that since condoms have been made freely available, the number of STD and abortion cases has decreased.

The title Helmet, for example, may appear to be a creative play on the purpose of condoms, but the writers lack the ability to pull off the pun properly.


Actors like Aparshakti Khurrana, Abhishek Bannerjee, and Ashish Verma have proven their worth. Helmet’s writing, on the other hand, is psychotic and leaves them in the dark. It’s neither clever nor amusing. The humour isn’t very good, and the serious times are a startling segue crash. Pranutan Bahl as Rupali is feisty, brilliant, and financially self-sufficient, but, she is not without flaws too.

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Ramani, the team of authors, and the cast present the serious message – condoms prevent against unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases – with equal earnestness. Ramani and team hope to make condoms acceptable and even cool by keeping the bar low and maintaining a regular stream of loud jokes. However, how this occurs remains a mystery.

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