Mission Majnu Movie Review: Sidharth Malhotra Delivers Yet Another Impeccable Performance In A Tacky, Tepid Overdramatic Espionage Thriller !

Sidharth Malhotra surprised many with ‘Shershaah’ and now he is back with another patriotic espionage thriller ‘Mission Majnu’ whxih was suppose to be bollywood debut of south sensation Rashmika Mandanna. Film was under production for years and finally dropped on Netflix this Friday. It is produced by RSVP and Amar Butala (was part of Ronnie’s UTV a decade back).


There was atomic bomb completion race going on in 70’s among countries and as India was slapped by sanctions due to objection from Pakistan despite peaceful test of Nuclear power, Pakistan prepared its own atomic bomb.

It’s upto Amandeep Singh (Sidharth Malhotra) to figure out this secret operation and passes on information with evidence to Indian authorities so that Pakistan can be exposed in front of the world.

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Subject was interesting enough and had shades of ‘Raazi’ and ‘Baby’ in it. ‘Raazi’ was based on a book so it appeared very coherent and detailed on screen but here writing material is so simple and almost kiddish at times. Sidharth’s character gets away with everything and informations are coming to him in snap of a finger. Direction is equally pathetic as most of the actors ham and chew their dialogues. Conversation between Jia Ul Haq and Morar Ji Desai look so amateurish and trivial. Background score and set design are apt so is costume. Camerawork is strictly average and songs are trying too hard to ne ‘Shershaah’ (romantic number) and ‘Raazi’ (Sonu Nigam’s patriotic one).


Sidharth Malhotra once again shines bright as his body demeanour to eyes are perfectly in sync with the character. Action sequences and songs, all aptly done by the actor. A meatier script and Sidharth could had another winner in hand. Parmeet Sethi is good. Kumud Mishra sleepwalks in his cliche style, Sharib Hashmi is terrible in a rather weird moustache and make up. Zakir’s character is so badly written that he irritates every time over phone conversation. Rashmika has another average outing after ‘Goodbye’ as she has nothing to do in the film. Ranjit Kapoor does what he did thousand times in forgettable role.

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As film has premiered on ott skipping theatrical release, it will claim some tall numbers in days and weeks to come. But it’s a terribly made film on good subject and an honest strong performance from leading man wasted by writers, director and makers. This will not please cinephiles as another chest beating India – Pakistan film with no emotion and soul to it. Watch ‘Shershaah’ or ‘Raazi’ again and skip this headache !

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