Movie Review Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway: Rani Mukerji Excels And Lifts This Rather Average Intense Human Drama

Directed by Ashima Chibber (‘Mere Dad Ki Maruti’), ‘Mrs Chatterjee vs. Norway’ is based on the case of Sagarika Chakraborty, an Indian woman in Norway whose two young children were taken away by the country’s child protection service on the ground that was she an unfit mother. Chakraborty wrote about her ordeal in The Journey Of A Mother, which has been turned into a script by Chibber, Sameer Satija and Rahul Handa. Film is produced by Emmay Entertainment and Zee Studios. It released today in cinemas.


Rani Mukerji plays Debika Chatterjee whose husband is oil rig engineer Anirudh (Anirban Bhattacharya) and lives in Norway. Her house is like typical Bengali homes of Kolkata- photos of Swami Vivekananda and Ramakrishna Paramhans. She seems loner as she has almost zero social life and she can’t speak local language too.

The shock of her children being snatched away would unhinge any mother and that is where her fight for justice starts against the government. Will she get her rights and children back is rest of the story.


Rani Mukerji owns this film and how! She is almost flawless in her portrayal of a fighting mother who is wrecked by injustice to her and her children. All over the top moments belong to poor cliche direction as shouting and screeching go overboard. Jim Sarbh and Balaji Gauri playing lawyers on opposite sides of the lawsuit are like cliche courtroom drama lawyers but bring much-needed zing to the film.


Rani Mukerji is a solo star of the film as there is not much beyond her in the film, neither in terms of proceedings nor in terms of quality. Film has excellent effective moving story but it is marred by below par over the top dialogues and screenplay. Film does get slow at times but that can be overlooked easily. Second half is far better and finale brings lump in your throat. Background score is cliche but worst is direction by Ashima Chibber. Editing is decent and camerawork is excellent.


Film will get good to very good reviews and that should push the film at box office. But this genre and this sort of cinema will find it very tough in cinemas especially in post pandemic times. 4 years back this could had been a box office winner. It will find massive audience on ott when it releases next month end.


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