OM Review: Aditya Roy Kapur Pulled A Helicopter By Himself But Couldn’t Hold The Weight Of Such An Idiotic Farce



Aditya Roy Kapur portrays the role of Rishi who later becomes Om foe a mission, one of India’s top para commando soldiers. Even though the actor has just awoken from a coma-like state after two months, we get to see him in his typical moody avatar as he battles villains alone. In Rashtra Kavach Om, a group of special investigating RAW operatives is tasked with retrieving a nuclear shield that a scientist once created to protect India from nuclear assault. However, Jackie Shroff’s character as the scientist breaches his pledge, thus these RAW agents now have to find the traitor and get the shield back.

Technical Departments:

Rashtra Kavach Om is a horrible movie, end of story. The writing in the movie is disorganized. There are sequences that make no sense. Om is a walking miracle, according to the doctor, because despite having a bullet lodged in his brain, he is still able to recall at least one chapter of his life. When questioned about his capacity to fight, the doctor merely states that he still has his “muscle memory” and can do so.

Om’s chronic headaches, which trigger memories of his father’s passing, make the situation worse for us. Unexpectedly, he wasn’t the only one experiencing headaches, I grew one by the time the movie was over.

Rashtra Kavach Om also has the feeling of a fresh movie every half an hour. In an effort to portray Om as a mass actor, director Kapil continues reintroducing him with a fresh entering scene, but it doesn’t work out effectively. The spectator is frequently spoon-fed information that is clear from the frame, making the dialogues cringe-worthy. The storyline holes in the writing leave room for more queries with no follow-up explanations.

The character Kavya, played by Sanjana Sanghi, is shot in the shoulder towards the climax and is then seen standing perfectly next to Om as he fires with powerful ammo. The setting of the movie keeps changing until the finale, when all the important players are brought to Armenia for a ludicrous bike-truck pursuit and a shooting.


With Rashtra Kavach Om, Aditya Roy Kapur attempts to pull everything possible with his physique and action scenes. Aditya attempts every trick in the book to become the massy star, from developing a lean figure fit for a big fight to bringing down a helicopter with a huge hook and chain in mind-blown (pun intended) action scenes. Although he deserves praise for his efforts but storyline let him down. When all else failed, Kapil shows the audience a shirtless Aditya firing a machine gun and fending off the villain. Aditya should portray an action hero in a stronger storyline, in my opinion.

Sanjana Sanghi is one of the few females in this male – dominant field, yet neither her part nor her performance stands out. Prakash Raj comes across as highly stereotypical whereas Ashutosh Rana earnestly performs his part. Jackie Shroff’s casting as scientist Dev is excellent.


Rashtra Kavach Om is as unbelievable as its name. However, if you’re a die hard fan of Aditya Roy Kapur, this film might raise some questions for your choice.

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