Puaada Review: Ammy Virk and Sonam Bajwa starrer Puaada is a laughter riot!

The film is entertaining, making it an excellent choice for a family outing to chase away the lockdown blues.



The story of Puaada is on the life of Jaggi (Ammy Virk), a wealthy but illiterate country lad who operates a dairy company, ‘Puaada,’ which means difficulties, arrive in droves, uninvited. Everyone sees him as little more than a milkman.

Much to Jaggi’s disappointment, the father of the lady he loves, Ronak (Sonam Bajwa), looks down on him. The prospective father-in-law, who is an Air Force Officer himself, is looking for a suitable match for his daughter, someone who is pursuing an MBA.

The premise revolves around Jaggi’s ability to win over his prospective in-laws and prove his worthiness, with humour intertwined throughout.


Ammy Virk, with his sincere and engaging performance as Jaggi wins over the audience. His comic timings are so good that you keep laughing even when he’s not speaking but just making faces. Sonam Bajwa, who plays Ronak, Jaggi’s love interest, is similarly talented and committed to her role.

Through their humorous timing, dialogue delivery, and spontaneity, all of the other actors deliver great assistance. Jaggi’s mother, Jeete, and the gossip-mongering aunty in the neighbourhood are particularly noteworthy.

Writing and direction:

The movie has excellent production elements and is well-shot. Rakesh Dhawan’s dialogues, who also wrote the screenplay, are funny, fast-paced, and perfectly capture the essence of the moments. The handling of the comedy sequences can come across as sloppy and corny at times, but the resulting laughs are undeniable.


The songs are appealing, foot-tapping numbers that come in at the proper moments, despite the heavy-handed usage of the background score.


A couple sequences felt a little rushed, and the conclusion is prolonged out to get maximum emotional impact. But, on the whole, the film is entertaining, making it an excellent choice for a family outing to chase away the lockdown blues.

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