Shiddat Review: Sunny Kaushal-Radhika Madan’s film tries hard but couldn’t get the ‘perfect love story’ category!


Punjab’s Jaggi (Sunny Kaushal) is a happy-go-lucky hockey player. He gatecrashes a wedding celebration with his buddies, where he is impressed by Gautam’s (Mohit Raina) concept of love and going to any extent, and chooses to follow it. He meets Kartika (Radhika Madan), a swimmer, at the sports facility. While they don’t get along at first, they eventually become drawn to each other. While Kartika triumphs in the swimming competition, Jaggi is left distraught when he learns that his true love is marrying someone else in the United Kingdom. Kartika departs for London, and Jaggi decides to track her down, annul her wedding, and spend the rest of her life with her.

Technical Departments:

Kunal Deshmukh’s vision is locked in the eras in which he was actively working. He tries fewer things and prefers to stick to tried-and-true methods. Although we appreciate that most of it was already on the page, linking the blocks was also part of the execution phase and the editing department. He attempts to delve into the entire immigration market and refugee politics, but only on the surface. Once again, it’s convenient.

Amalendu Chaudhary’s cinematography is a must-watch. It becomes inventive during the dancing sequence and the mountains, but that only lasts for about 25-30 minutes.


Radhika Madan completely immerses himself in her character. It’s a joy to see her on the big screen. Shiddat provides this fantastic actor ample screen time to prove her worth. Sunny fits very well with his character and offers a competent performance. However, it is Mohit who shines in the film. His anguished acting comes out nicely on screen. Diana sleepwalks with her limited screen time.


Sachin Jigar’s music is upbeat and in tune with Indian pop culture. The rest of the songs are a disappointment, I wouldn’t even put my money on them in the long run.


Shiddat would have been a better entertainment if the script had been used to its full potential.

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