Tejas Movie Review: Kangana Ranaut’s Patriotic Drama Does Not Take Off; Her String Of Flops Continues

Tejas is a Hindi action thriller film starring Kangana Ranaut as an Indian Air Force pilot who leads a daring rescue mission in Pakistan. The film is written and directed by Sarvesh Mewara and produced by Ronnie Screwvala.

Tejas: Plot

Tejas is a patriotic thriller that revolves around an Indian Air Force pilot, Tejas Gill (Kangana Ranaut), who leads a daring rescue mission to save a hostage from terrorists in Pakistan. Tejas (Kangana Ranaut) goes on a mission to recue an Indian spy. Again she was not the first choice, though it was she who was able to track down the location of the spy, who happened to be her academy friend. When she was rejected from this mission on the grounds of being a woman considering it was a dangerous terrain, she didn’t give up. She fought for it and was able to convince her seniors and the mission was named ‘Mission Tejas’.

The film aims to inspire and instill a deep sense of pride in the valiant soldiers who tirelessly defend our nation, confronting numerous challenges along the way.

Tejas: Performance

Kangana Ranaut delivers a convincing performance as the brave and skilled Tejas, who is determined to serve her country and prove her worth as a female fighter pilot. She carries the film on her shoulders and shows her versatility in action, emotion, and romance scenes. Anshul Chauhan, as her co-pilot Afia, provides a good support and some comic relief. Varun Mitra, as Tejas’s love interest, has a limited role and does not have much chemistry with Kangana. Ashish Vidyarthi who recently got acclaim for his performance in Khufiya, wasted here as side kick. The rest of the cast is mostly forgettable.

Tejas: Analysis

Tejas is a film that tries to celebrate the courage and valor of the Indian Air Force and the women in combat roles. It has some impressive aerial sequences and stunts that keep the viewers engaged. However, the film also suffers from a weak script, a predictable plot, and a jumbled narrative that switches between the past and the present without much clarity. The film also relies on clichés and stereotypes, such as the evil Pakistani terrorists, the heroic Indian soldiers, and the nationalist dialogues. The film does not explore the challenges and struggles of being a female pilot in a male-dominated field, nor does it address the complex issues of cross-border conflicts and terrorism.

The film also falls short in terms of cinematography, direction, costumes, and production design. The cinematography by Hari K. Vedantam is mediocre and does not capture the beauty or the tension of the locations. The direction by Sarvesh Mewara is lackluster and fails to create any impact or suspense. The costumes by Niharika Bhasin are inconsistent and do not match the period or the profession of the characters. The production design by Aditya Kanwar is bland and does not create any sense of realism or authenticity.

Tejas: Verdict

Tejas, touted as the female version of Uri: The Surgical Strike (2019), falls short of Aditya Dhar’s well-crafted thriller with its shoddy writing and dull execution.

Tejas is a film that may appeal to fans of Kangana Ranaut and patriotic movies, but it fails to deliver a compelling and realistic story. It is a strictly one-time watch at best.

Film will be a colossal disaster at box office and Kangana’s poor time at box office continues.

Tejas: Rating

Critics Rating: 1.5/5

Box Office Rating: 1/5

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