Tiger 3 Movie Review: Salman Khan’s Stardom Saves The Weakest Film Of YRF Spy Universe, An Average Action Drama

Tiger 3 is the third installment of the popular spy franchise starring Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif as Tiger and Zoya, two agents from rival agencies who are in love and on the run. The film is directed by Maneesh Sharma and produced by Yash Raj Films. It also features Emraan Hashmi as Aatish, a vengeful terrorist who has a personal grudge against Tiger and Zoya.

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Tiger 3: Plot

The film begins with a flashback that reveals how Zoya joined the ISI and how Aatish lost his family due to Tiger’s mission. The story then shifts to the present, where Tiger and Zoya are living a peaceful life with their son and daughter. However, their past comes back to haunt them when Aatish resurfaces with a sinister plan to become the Prime Minister of Pakistan and create chaos in the region. He frames Tiger and Zoya as traitors and puts them in a dangerous situation. How will they clear their names and stop Aatish’s evil scheme? That forms the crux of the film.

Tiger 3: Performances

The performances of the lead actors are commendable. Salman Khan delivers his career-best performance as Tiger, the fearless and charismatic spy who can do anything for his country and his family. He brings out the nuances of his character with ease and charm. Katrina Kaif is equally impressive as Zoya, the fierce and loyal agent who can match Tiger in every aspect. She showcases her acting skills and her action prowess with aplomb. Emraan Hashmi is the surprise package of the film. He plays the role of Aatish with conviction and intensity. He makes you hate him and sympathize with him at the same time. He is the perfect antagonist for Tiger and Zoya. The supporting cast, including Ranvir Shorey, Revathi, Kumud Mishra, and others, do a fine job as well.

The film also has some special appearances by Shah Rukh Khan as Pathaan and Hrithik Roshan as Kabir, who play their respective characters from the YRF Spy Universe. Shah Rukh Khan’s entry gets the biggest cheer in cinemas and Hrithik’s cameo in end credit is cherry on cake. Their scenes with Salman Khan are a treat for the fans and add to the excitement of the film. The film also pays tribute to the previous films of the franchise and connects the dots in a seamless manner.

Tiger 3: Analysis

The film, however, suffers from a weak and convoluted script that fails to engage the audience. The film tries to pack too many subplots and twists that make the narrative confusing and inconsistent. The film also lacks logic and realism in many scenes, such as the one where Tiger and Zoya escape from a high-security prison with ease, or the one where Aatish manages to infiltrate the parliament and take over the government. The film also has some glaring loopholes and errors, such as the one where Zoya’s identity is revealed to the ISI, but no one seems to care or question it. The film also has some unnecessary and forced comedy scenes that dilute the seriousness and intensity of the film.

The film also fails to deliver on the expectations of the fans of the franchise. The film does not have the same charm and thrill as the previous films. The film also does not have the same chemistry and romance between Tiger and Zoya. The film also does not have the same patriotism and heroism that made the previous films inspiring and uplifting. The film also does not have the same connection and continuity with the other films of the YRF Spy Universe. The film also does not have the same impact and message that the previous films had.

The film also suffers from poor technical aspects that hamper the viewing experience. The editing by Rameshwar S. Bhagat is not sharp and smooth. The film feels dragged and uneven in many parts. The background score by Tanuj Tiku is not effective and memorable. The film lacks the punch and the mood that a spy thriller should have. The music by Pritam is also disappointing and lacks chartbusters. The film does not have any song that stays with you after the film. The cinematography by Anay Goswamy is splendid and captures the various locations beautifully. The production design by Sumit Basu is lavish and realistic. Writing by Sreedhar Raghavan is not at par with Pathaan.

The direction by Maneesh Sharma is commendable. He handles the film with skill and vision. He balances the action, the drama, and the humor well. He also manages to give a fresh and contemporary touch to the franchise.

Tiger 3: Verdict

Tiger 3 is an average spy action thriller that does not live up to the hype and legacy of the franchise. The film has some good performances and action scenes, but they are not enough to save the film from its poor writing and direction. The film is a letdown for the fans of Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, and the spy genre. The film is drag and tests patience due to long length. The film is a film that deserves to be skipped on the big screen. The film is a film that will make you bored in parts.

Tiger 3: Rating

Critics Rating: 3/5

Box Office Rating: 4/5

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