Radhe Review: If Entertainment Is What You’re Looking For, You’re At The Wrong Place!


Radhe Review: If Entertainment Is What You’re Looking For, You’re At The Wrong Place!



Salman Khan’s Radhe presents us some old wine in a brand new bottle. Every part of the story is predictable and something that we have already witnessed earlier.

The first half of the film is very slow and at times the drama gets overboard. It becomes hard at times to gulp the masala that you paid for.


Prabhu Deva made this film only for that ‘certain section’ of the audience who are waiting for a Salman Khan film with no demands and no storyline. And I’m sure they’re still gonna enjoy this one to the core.

The film has got nothing new but the same hero running behind the villain and then killing him at last so everyone can sleep with peace.


Salman Khan still has the charm of winning hearts with his smile. But when it comes to acting, the actor is more about dialogues and style. If you’re not a Salman Khan fan here, I’m scared you’re gonna hate his performance in this one. Randeep Hooda as Rana looks just perfect in his character. His scary looks, witty smile, confidence, everything is on point. It’s just his lazy character that failed to impress.

Jackie Shroff is limited on-screen and is just another add-on in the film. He offers nothing much, not even quirky dialogues which were expected from him. Disha Patani is nothing but just a glamourous quotient for the film. Watching her in the film looks like she didn’t even try to mark her presence in the film.


The background score by Sanchit Balhara is not what this film needed to be bearable. Except for the music of the title song, none of the songs seems to have a long life.


A very good subject drowned down in execution due to an overload of style and action.

What Does Radhe Serve Us:

Oh yes! I added a new column for this special film here to let you know what I couldn’t gulp down my throat in Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai.

* Radhe shows the superpower that Salman Khan posses as he makes a grand (OBVIOUSLY) entry by shattering a solid glass showing off his buffed-up body. First, in fast motion and then ‘of course’ in slow motion, because that’s how a superstar enters a film.

* Disha Patani is an aspiring model who’s doing everything else in life apart from modeling, like showing up on roads at odd timings, helping every unknown she meets on-road, and talking about things that makes no sense.

* The film has a jealous man who owns a jewelry brand and likes Disha. Somehow, his side business is dealing in fake passports.

* Honestly, making Jackie Shroff dance in a Red satin dress as a comic scene makes it more disturbing than a fun moment.












Thumbs Up

  • Style
  • Action

Thumbs Down

  • Direction
  • Performances
  • Storyline
  • Dialogues
  • Music

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