Rocketry The Nambi Effect Review: R Madhavan’s Film Is An Honest Attempt To Showcase The Real Piece Of History


The post-midpoint section of the movie is when the dramatic action takes place, and this is where we learn about Nambi Narayanan and his family’s stigmatisation. You’ll feel uneasy seeing the scientist being questioned by a group of fairly normal detectives. You’ll cringe at every blow.

The story of Nambi Narayanan is divided into two parts by writer-director Madhavan. The young scientist’s time at Princeton and his bold intentions to elevate India to the forefront of the aerospace industry are depicted in the first part of the film.

Then, everything comes crashing down as the puzzled, incomprehensible scientist is accused of spying. The extensive life story is completely under Madhavan’s hands as writer, director, and actor. He is skilled at both letting storytelling loose and tightening the screws. Bijith Bala, a skilled editor, aids the story in maintaining a constant state of alertness.

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Every part of Nambi’s journey is faithfully covered by Madhavan, including his achievements and difficulties in the workplace. The legendary Vikram Sarabhai (Rajit Kapoor), who is well aware of his prodigy, is none other than Nambi’s guru. Nambi accepts a full scholarship from Princeton University despite the clear discrepancy between the course of study he is provided and what he wants to pursue. Nambi, however, is not one to follow rules; instead, he finds a way to not only understand what he wants but also excel at it. So much so that, despite being given the opportunity to work for NASA, he decides to work for ISRO and do whatever it takes to further India’s space goal.

Despite the plot’s constant pace, the central theme is one of leisurely meditation. It was a brilliant move to include Shah Rukh Khan in the conversation with Nambi Narayanan. Khan not only hosts the program but also unintentionally takes on the role of the conscience of the country.

The film’s second half is much more compelling and emotionally taxing, but the pacing is still plodding. It’s obvious that this movie is a specialised one. It offers an intriguing topic and an unknown tale of a man who was victimised for consistently standing up for his country.


R Madhavan convincingly recreates Nambi Narayanan’s real life in the film. Madhavan transforms into the character whose story he is telling, down to the way he looks and how he speaks. Simran as the thoughtful and respectable Meena Narayanan is a pleasant surprise. Simran’s portrayal helps to humanise Nambi’s dedication to his work and the struggles he faces. Sam Mohan stands out among the supporting players as Unni, whose character is far more developed than others.

Shah Rukh Khan makes a solid impression in this Madhavan production. He plays the part of an interviewer with heart while maintaining his signature good looks and charisma. This is one of SRK’s best cameo appearances on the screen.


“Rocketry” gets off to a good start, encounters some turbulence along the way, but eventually soars high with believable characters and heartfelt scenes that make it worthwhile for you to watch.













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