Siya Movie Review: A Very Well Made Film Harmed By Weak Script

It leaves audiences furious and dejected with what happened by the Siya's end.

Manish Mundra directed SIA movie stars Pooja Pandey and Vineet Kumar Singh. It was released today and produced by Drishyam films.


Pooja acts as Siya, who battles the system for justice after being raped by men sitting in power. She hails from a rural village in North India and shares good relations with her younger brother. Siya quits studies to support her family. She suddenly goes missing. The lawyer, reporter helps the case reach a better stage. Siya gets rescued and presents her ordeal in the court. Siya recounts 2017 Unnao rape case. Accused get into jail but also have a release path walking out of it.


Film is very well shot and Manish Mundra makes an impressive debut as director. But confused writing harms the film big time. Vineet Kumar shines and so is female lead Pooja. Background score is apt and edit is crisp.


It leaves audiences furious and dejected with what happened by the Siya’s end. The last part could have been more hopeful. Her powerful dialogues remain at core; however she does not speak much in it. Cinematographers Rafey Mahmood and Subhransu Kumar Das led Manish’s ideas on the screen. Film has noble intentions but that’s about it.

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