From ‘Sacred Games’ To ‘Mirzapur’, Shows Which Created The Hype But Were Actually Overrated!

From 'Sacred Games' To 'Mirzapur', Shows Which Created The Hype But Were Actually Overrated!


From 'Sacred Games' To 'Mirzapur', Shows Which Created The Hype But Were Actually Overrated!
From ‘Sacred Games’ To ‘Mirzapur’, Shows Which Created The Hype But Were Actually Overrated!

In the last few years, web content has made a vast and robust market of its own. There are hundreds of web shows being made every year. The tragedy of the coronavirus pandemic actually helped OTT as the whole nation was lockdown in the homes; the only source of entertainment was these web shows.

Many times you discover an excellent show which is quite underrated, and you feel this should have been on the trending list. Well, on the other hand sometimes your friends force you on something which turns out to be a disaster.

Sometimes you like something which others don’t like. While sometimes, people like something which you find disgusting. Today we list some of the most overrated Indian web shows, which might be a popular choice but not at all worth the hype they created.

*Sacred Games*

You got to be kidding me if you say this is by far the best show. Well, despite having such an illustrious cast of Saif Ali Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Pankaj Tripathi, this show has failed in many ways. Stories of Mumbai mafia and blood-shading goons are done to death. We don’t need another story to see if people are killing people for power and money.

*Special Ops*

I wonder how this show managed to get an 8.5 IMDB rating. We don’t find anything new in the show, which Akshay Kumar has not done already. The high-end music and larger-than-life action sequences fail to impress us. Though the show is popular and Kay Kay Menon has done a tremendous job, the show managed to get on to our list all because it is an old wine served in a new bottle, and we didn’t like the packaging.

*The Family Man*

Once again, a ‘chor police’ story we didn’t ask for. How conveniently our man always gets to win every time in the end. Well, despite putting Manoj Bajpayee’s family angle in the show, the makers have put zero efforts into making the show unique. Some old cat and mouse race ends up in the hero winning.


I don’t understand the obsession around this show—the dialogues which have become quotes from the bible for meme-makers and scene which hold everyone’s breath. Violence and sexual content are not everyone’s cup of tea.


Two seasons of the web show is nothing but a huge disappointment. There is no bad thing in the world this Baba can’t do, and what’s new we have already seen this in reality. The show is a big polenta of various evil practices that still run in the nation. Haven’t we seen enough in the news channels that we spend hours watching again with dramatic background music?

Tell us in the comments below which, according to you, are the most irritating shows that have been overrated on the internet.

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