R Balki

Chup: A Self Indulgent Drama Only Meant For Critics And ‘About’ Critics

Some of R Balki’s movies can be summed up by one-liners. Real-life father and son cast as son and father with central protagonist is genetic disease: Paa. Mute actor borrows thespian’s voice to hit the big league: Shamitabh. She works, he doesn’t: Ki & Ka. Guru Dutt as the inspiration for a serial killer who murders film critics: Chup: Revenge of the Artist.

Pooja Bhatt opens up on her big-screen comeback with Chup

The actress added, “One knows of Balki and the kind of work he has created in the world of advertising. He is known for his details and aesthetics, and he has a different kind of gaze. So, when this project came to me, saying yes was a no-brainer.”