Big drop – 2nd Friday Box Office Collection Of COMMANDO 3

Vidyut Jamwaal is probably the best action hero in India. His franchise ‘Commando’ was a surprise hit in 2013. Even sequel did fairly well in 2017. Now 3rd part released this week at box office. 

Film released across 2456 screens in India and 250 plus in overseas. Film started slowly with 20% opening in India though it grew in evening onwards. The movie collected 4.74 cr nett on Day 1 which was strictly average figure considering release size. 

1st part collected 3.69 cr nett 6 years back and 2nd installment collected 5.14 cr nett 2 years back. That is why this opening day figure was not only less than last part but also suggest lack of excitement among audience. 

Film was average on day two too as it grew marginally by 15% and collected 5.64 cr nett. Film jumped big on Sunday by 40% and collected 7.95 cr nett. Multiplexes and single screens both helped this push. 

Commando 3 has weekend total of 18.33 cr nett. Film will cross business of previous instalments in 5-6 days itself and it means this franchise goes to higher level with this one. 

The movie collected 3.42 cr nett on day 4 and that was very good considering only 30-35% drop from day one that too for an action massy film. Film dropped by 10% only and collected 3.02 cr nett. Film further dropped by 15% and collected 2.42 cr nett. Film added 2.05 cr nett on Thursday 

Film has 1st week total of 29.24 cr nett which is good. Film dropped heavily on 2nd Friday as it lost majority of screens to new releases. Film collected 40 lacs nett on 8th day. It has total of 29.65 cr nett and it’s heading for 33 cr nett lifetime finish.

An average affair at box office but highest out of all its installment and earner with ancillary rights!

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