Box Office Update: No Time To Die to cross $400M at global BO soon!

No Time to Die grossed $3.616 million on its seventh day of release, down only 14% from the previous day and bringing the total to $75.218 million. So far, the film has a 1.36x weekend-to-cume multiplier, which is higher than Skyfall. Quantum of Solace, Skyfall and Spectre (-53 percent against the $20 million wide-release of Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln and the $141 million debut weekend of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn part II), and Spectre (-53 percent against the $20 million wide-release of Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln and the $1 (-52 percent on a mostly competition-free weekend). It would also take the domestic total beyond $100 million by Sunday night.

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As of Wed, the movie has a global total of $360 million, up $16.4 million domestically and about $29.6 million internationally from the previous Mon-Wed. If that’s correct, the $250 million film has grossed $373 million globally, surpassing Tenet’s $366 million total and putting it on track to exceed Black Widow ($380 million). By the way, with all the talk about whether No Time to Die’s $55 million opening suggests James Bond is no longer a hot item, we should keep in mind that the Daniel Craig actioner will cross the $400 million mark globally today or tomorrow. It’s possible that it’ll surpass Die Another Day’s unadjusted $437 million global total this weekend.

With an almost certain global cume at least above Quantum of Solace ($585 million in 2008) and Casino Royale ($616 million in 2006), it will already be the fifth-biggest 007 film ever in unadjusted global grosses. Even if it falls short of Spectre ($881 million), which it very surely will unless it becomes a Wu Jang star vehicle in China, we’re still in a situation where the last three 007 films have raked in the highest global box office totals ever. Even if it makes $160 million (Die Another Day) rather than $200 million (Spectre), the 15% Covid loss means the film would have made $184 million otherwise.

We’ll see how No Time to Die does domestically and internationally, but it should be able to hold its own as the only non-superhero/horror/sci-fi tentpole for the next few months. Due to Covid-related expenses, No Time to Die may not gross enough to break even theatrically, but it will likely make enough to live another day. Regardless, No Time to Die will easily surpass Godzilla Vs. Kong ($468 million) as the second-highest grossing “pandemic age” Hollywood film, trailing only F9 ($716 million). And if it manages to outgross F9 and take the top spot (at least until Spider-Man: No Way Home comes out in December or maybe Eternals comes out next month), Craig’s career will have come to a close on a high note.

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