Exclusive Box Office Report: Allu Arjun starrer Pushpa crosses 63 cr nett after 2nd weekend, Super Hit

Despite the constraints and the Covid issue, Pushpa has performed admirably.

After the second wave of Covid, all box office myths were debunked by Pushpa. The film, which stars Allu Arjun, exhibits an exceptional trend that is difficult to notice even in regular times. On day 17, let’s witness how the enchantment of ‘Pushparaj’ has swept the country.

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On the one hand, Covid cases are skyrocketing, while Allu Arjun’s popular entertainer is gaining traction. The film has finished its third weekend, and the box office results were incredible. A spike of almost 100 percent was seen, which is unusual.

The Hindi version of Pushpa has made a fantastic sum of 6.25 crores on day 17, which is the third Sunday. The Hindi version is performing far better than expected, has contributed a significant portion of these figures. The film’s total earnings are currently 62.94 crores.

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Despite the constraints and the Covid issue, Pushpa has performed admirably. Unfortunately, the film may suffer as a result of many governments’ plans to close all theatres due to the surge in Covid. The restrictions in Maharashtra, in particular, will stifle a significant portion of the film’s revenue.

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