Exclusive Box Office Report: Japanese Film Dragon Ball Springs A Surprise With Decent Numbers At Indian Box Office

Couple of months back Japanese Anime film made a mark at box office and surprised one and all. Now another Japanese film has sprung a surprise.

On the day of release, Dragon Ball collected around Rs 45 lakh, rose to Rs 65 lakh on day 2, and to around Rs 80 lakh on day 3. Day 4 and 5 totalled to Rs 65 lakh and Day 6 and 7 made another Rs 50 lakh. Week 1 collected Rs 3 crore pan India for the Japanese film.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero entered in its second week in select cinemas across the country. This Japanese computer animated martial arts adventure film was released here on 26 August in Japanese, English and Hindi and the response is mixed. Releasing in three languages was an experiment which resulted in several insights. English contributed to 65% of the total earnings while Hindi and Japanese contributed to 18% and 17%, respectively. This led to the conclusion that Hindi and Japanese fared far below the expectations. Also, the buzz and the needed aggressive publicity was missing.

The second weekend made another Rs 50 lakh and by end of 2nd week, the total box office figure for Dragon Ball was Rs 4 crore, which is quite reasonable.

Film should end with 4.50 cr lifetime in India which is a good start for Japanese cinema in future.

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