Exclusive Box Office Report: Spider-Man collects blockbuster 189 cr nett in two weeks

Spider-Man: No Way Home, which was released on a Thursday, has already been in theatres for 15 days. The film is a great success story, and while it is now neck-and-neck with Pushpa (across languages), which was released alongside it and performed well in both the South and the North, it will shortly pass Sooryavanshi to become the year’s biggest success story.

On Thursday, the film collected another 3.25 crores which has pushed its overall total to 189.67 crores.

In the process, it has eclipsed The Jungle Book’s lifetime box office in India (188 crores) and is currently only second to Avengers: Infinity War (226 crores). It won’t be able to dethrone fellow Marvel titan Iron Man, but the gap won’t be significant, since the film is expected to gross between 8 and 10 crores at the box office.

Marvel films have dominated the Hollywood scene in India for a long time, and even outside of the Avengers (and now Spider-Man) franchises, their other films have consistently grossed 50-60 crores at the box office. There was a period when Bond movies were popular in India, but the millennium generation has embraced Marvel superhero pictures in a huge manner, as evidenced by the ongoing success of these films in the country.

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